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I miss the "collaborative experience" thing o_O i mean, i write for 7 days and then i give the journal to someone else, i will never collaborate with anyone and neither they'll do...

The term "collaboration" doesn't require you to be in the same space at the same time :) It's all about creating something together. Also, DNRTJ is not necessarily a collaborative game, it's a solo journaling game :)

it's in the note of manual "This is a collaborative experience. Please be kind to others while writing your part." there are no a single rule that force the fiction to a collaborative experience, every player play on his own...

There is nothing that forces anything in the game, including the prompts. So again, you can play it as collaborative as you want. For example, you can get together with friends, brainstorm on ideas and then carry them to your journal.

I think I’ll leave this on a bench in town after the 7 entries. I’d love to see it again some day! I will make a 2nd one… and maybe more & more! Thank you so much for sharing your creativity!

Thank you so much for sharing this <3

Need to get my printer working asap because this is very very cool! I'm working on a journaling game of my own and this pamphlet form factor is a really neat size! 

Glad you like it. Please let me know when you publish your game!

I love it!  A friend and I have been playing for about 6 months and our story arc will conclude with the upcoming blood moon (on May 26th). We've had an amazing experience with this journaling game. Thank you so much!

Wow, 6 months? I'd love to see your journals!

It's not nearly as pretty as the one on the embedded video! My friend wrote his entries in digital format and then I wrote both his and mine in a notebook (his in a different colour). 

The whole experience was very entertaining and it also helped me deal with some personal issues, so I'm very grateful.

It's easy to play, collaborative and creative! You can freely wander in your mind to create a story without feeling restricted by the fear of how society would receive it, and pass it on  anonymously. It's a freeing experience in my opinion.

Hello. I downloaded a community copy, and while I myself am unable to play it, lacking some of the tools needed (a working printer, for one), I must say it's really something. If anyone wishes to play the game, go for it.

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Thank you so much for that <3 You don't need to print it to start, you can just use your computer. And if you need cards, you can use this random card picker. All you need to start is a journal and a pen/cil.

Careful with the above link, the decks there don't have jokers in it which you need for DNRJ

Thanks for that!

Hi from France (so sorry 4 my poor & bad english)

I started to play this weekend and i publish my lil diary on FB ^^ . Today, i draw the 3 of Spade that ask me about the previous owner. But i did not know any previous owner 0_0 So, i thought about the author. Maybe he is the previous owner and i've just wanna know if he's safe after created this game. 

Fanx 4 answer, it's maybe important ;)

That's an amazing way to use the cards! As mentioned in the rules, the cards are there to inspire you :)

And I'm ok by the way. At least for now...

OK, i am happy to read that :) it is maybe a good news 4 me too ^^ i ll see next saturday ;) fanx again !!

Fanx for your FB diary Damien, it was nice to follow your doppelgänger "adventures"... ;)

de nada but... after reading some coms... i think i'll wait a lil time before another meta-RPG on fb ^^

I'm so interested to see this :)